Demanding the best out of dogs and their handlers

  • Rottweiler sieger training/handling
  • XL and working breed specialist
  • Tired of your large dog pulling you around, misbehaving, and destroying the house? Let me help you establish a relationship and outlet!

About Us

Big Dawgz BTI is an ambassador of the Rottweiler breed, and my focus is to help people with large and XL breeds properly handle their dogs in different settings. I specialize in sieger training/handling for Rottweilers, on and off leash obedience, and building/increasing drive. By design the kennel space is small. This is because I will always give working/show dogs precedence. Every dog responds differently to training tools and I use a wide variety of tools and techniques that include both positive and negative reinforcement. Any tools used will be discussed in your dogs assessment. I will demand the best out of your dog and it’s handler

Future- As I am expanding my horizons every day, I plan on offering more in depth training in the coming years; specifically involving Schutzhund and PSA.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Guaranteed results or your money back!!!